Antarctica c h r o n i c l e s:

Four and half billion years ago the earth was formed. Over the next several billion years Earth was bombarded by life carrying comets, debris, and asteroids. Life began and thrived. Us, Homo Sapiens, Humans arose roughly 300,000 Years Ago and we have been taught that for 275,000 years we were primitive and cavemen-like. We, at The Kirkland Jennings Foundation, are finding evidence that humans are far more capable then we give our ancestors credit for.” – Andrew Kirland, CEO & Co-Founder of KJF

The Antarctician chronicles starts off with a small team of explores on an expedition to Antarctica to confirm and explore an ancient structure. While there Anna, the lead explorer and archeologist, discovers away to look into the memories of an Ancient. Join Dr. Anna Hartenbrook and her team, along with her teenage son, on an adventure spanning across our entire species life span. Witnessing the life lived over 12,000 years ago, in a time far different but so similar to ours in present day. Anna and her team discover much about the past but learn of a plot to end life as we know it today.

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