Tadd Riley – b.4/90 – d. ????

The son of a blue collar man from Ohio and a Tupperware Lady from West Virginia. Raised on the Ohio river in farm country, dreaming of grander and a city life. Tadd leaves home for university, obtaining his Bachelors of Fine Art and finds love in a man from a far away country.

Tadd Riley began writing at an early age of 7. He wanted to rewrite the story of Sleepy Hollow for modern times, but had been telling stories since he could talk. As he grew up he used writing as a refuge away from his awkward dork-ish demeanor as everyone at school knew he was not like them. Graduating high school was the happiest day of his life, until his wedding day to the man of his dreams. Battling with depression and anxiety throughout his twenties made him understand his emotions and learned to use them in his writings.

He is now four years happily married working on his book series, and writing career.