Who is Tadd Riley? Writer? Husband?

Born in the year of Unity & Exploration.

The reunification of Germany, Yemen became one, The Hubble Space Telescope launched into space, and the Human Genome Project began.

The Year was 1990

Tadd Jacob Riley was born in a small rural country community to a family of many opinions, strong religious values, and many traditionalists, which he is not. He was being brought up in a Nazarene Church ideology on one side and a Southern Baptists / Methodist combo on the other, leading to a dogmatic confusion that comes into play later in life.

His mother, a paralegal, working hard every day to put food on the table, with an absently minded and emotionally abusive husband at home. By the age of six, his mother was able to leave her husband and Tadd’s biological father, paving the way to a better future for them both. A year later, she met and introduced Tadd to the man he calls dad. In later years, he calls his dad ‘Ol’Man,’ a tradition that started between his dad and grandfather.

His elementary and high school had less than a thousand students combined between kindergarten and senior year. In fact, his dad and even his grandmother attended this same high school. This school is a very sport and farm-orientated culture that Tadd never really fit into as the odd kid out, not at all like his classmates. He never liked sports, hung out with girls and the nerds. During summer break, Tadd would prefer to write stories and play video games than playing on the farms like the other boys. Although by his teen years, he did get a taste of the country by falling in love with the need for speed by riding ATVs on his grandfather’s farm.

After his 19th birthday, he graduated high school and headed off to college, leaving his country life forever. But as he learned as he got older, you can take the man out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the man.

Academia –

  • 2009 – Graduation was the happiest day of his life, up to that point
  • 2014 – Graduating magna cum laude with his Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • 2019 – Took courses on Adult Education & Health Care Communication to expand my knowledge in Learning and Development

Personal Life –

In 2013 he came out as an LGBT+ American to his family. With some adjustments, in what his future would look like, his parents accepted him for who he was and is. His favorite quote during that time came from his dad, while heading for a ‘guy night’ to eat Chinese food and go to the bar afterwards, Tadd told his dad. After a few moments of silence, making Tadd nervous, not knowing what to expect, his dad finally says “Well, I don’t care what you do” then pauses and chuckles to himself and adds “or who you do.”

A year later, he graduated college as one of the tops in the class. By 2015 he moved to another city, adopting two young fur-babies, Cats! Father and daughter, Smeagol and Lexi, are two rambunctious individuals who give Tadd enjoyment as they greet him every day when he walks through the door after work. In 2016 Tadd met his future husband on a dating app in Oxford, Ohio; by the end of 2018, they were married! Forming a family of four.

Hobbies –

  • Reading all sorts of books from fantasy fiction like Harry Potter to non-fiction The Ancestor’s Tale.
  • Hiking in the woods on long trails.
  • Kayaking on lakes and rivers.
  • Video Gaming – specifically RPGs


Tadd’s vision for the future of humankind would be filled with technology, peace, and love, but on a personal level, he would like to travel as much as possible. “Life is just a series of experiences, so make as many experiences as possible.” This is his husband’s and his life motto and philosophy of the meaning of life. He will also be publishing a series of books in the near future. And he hopes to be fluent in his husbands native tongue of Chinese in five years!

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